Student Testimonials

I moved to Brisbane two years ago in order to study at the Atelier, I hadn't visited the place or met the teachers, I simply found their website and deeply felt it was where I needed to be. I am SO glad I made that choice. The extensive knowledge that these guys have, as well as the willingness and generosity to field all of my questions into the nuts and bolts behind everything they teach has blown me away. They share what they know with passion for the arts and are themselves constantly learning and growing their own skills and knowledge, so their realizations feel fresh and alive. Most of my art education background was high on creativity but was never really grounded in a thorough understanding of visual and formal phenomena. The most I learnt before coming here was copying lines, tones and colours, or coming from my imagination and hoping for the best. 

Since studying at the Atelier my own grasp of form and light and colour has developed beyond what I even thought I needed to learn. I now have a solid arsenal of strategies and approaches to my art practice. These give me the confidence to make clear visual statements. As well as the ability to discern when things are not working and how to correct things when they're off. Of course, I have so much more to learn and I know that mastery is a path and not a destination, but I feel I have come a long way down this path in a relatively short amount of time (extremely fast given the rate I was developing on my own) and these classes have made that difference for me. On top of all the learnings in the classes I have met some amazing friends and comrades along the way. I strongly recommend anyone who is not totally certain as to whether or not taking classes here will benefit their art practice to give it a shot and see for yourself.


The atelier has given me a solid basis to explore the world of drawing and painting. I work full-time in another field but due to the incredible flexibility offered by Nick, Ryan and Scott I'm able to engage in tuition at a regular rate. The quality of instruction is invariably high and sensitive to the stage of development that individuals are at. I feel very fortunate to have found such a fantastic inspiring resource on my doorstep.

Greg Perry


My experience as a student (albeit a mature one) of Atelier Art Classes has been one of continuous encouragement and support.

Three years ago I fronted as a complete novice.  I had limited prior knowledge of the traditional Atelier methods, and I wasn't sure what to expect.  I needn't have worried; it has become one of my most rewarding and challenging experiences.  Scott, Nick and Ryan offer structured practical lessons for all levels in traditional drawing methods, oils and life classes.  I have made some great friends, and I love the fascinating diverse discussions we share around the coffee table!  Maybe I will try sculpture this year!




Testimonials from Professional Artists who have studied with us 

Some of our students are already professional painters, tattoo artists, 3D computer artists, concept artists and other creative industry professionals, who came to the Atelier in order to improve certain skill sets such as drawing or anatomy.


“I originally came to the Atelier looking to improve my artistic skill set, actually it surprised me that Brisbane had it's own atelier.   Thankfully I wasn't disappointed, the core staff at AAC are not only incredibly talented & experienced working artists but they are also great teachers of their crafts with the serious intent of helping students.

The breadth of knowledge contained at the school is so great that you can't help but learn & improve by just being there.

The core fundamentals taught at the school such as form & anatomy in drawing & sculpture helped me to improve my own skill set. As a 3d character Artist I am always trying to add more believability to my work, I was able to apply the lessons I learned at AAC in my own pieces to great effect.

The facilities are great especially for group life drawing & painting.

The staff were very professional & everyone was definitely there to learn & work, but in saying that the atmosphere was very friendly & easy going.

I highly recommend the atelier for all enthusiastic artists experienced & new, there is a lot to be gained from attending AAC.”

Denzil O'Neill
Senior Character Artist, id Software

See some of Denzil’s personal projects at:



"As a professional visual artist with more than 25 years experience, the Atelier was exactly what I was looking for - a traditional art school where I could learn and refine my largely self taught skills. I find Scott, Ryan and Nick to be highly skilled, knowledgeable and very generous in their sharing and teaching.

They have unlocked new ways of seeing and encourage me to strive for excellence in my drawing, painting and sculpture. I have so much to learn and I dare say I will never be satisfied but that is the passion of the ‘journeyman/woman’. I’m grateful for the opportunity to attend classes with tutors of such calibre as Scott and Ryan, to learn from such young masters is both humbling and wonderful and I enjoy being able to immerse myself wholly in the serious business of gaining skills.

The Atelier has a very warm camaraderie as students and tutors share the joy of the arts with conversation around the communal lounges often lively and challenging. Working in my studio is mostly a quiet and solitary experience and to be able to come together with folk who are all striving for a better understanding of traditional skills is tremendously encouraging.

Long live the Atelier!" 

Deb Mostert - March 2014

Deb's work can be viewed at: