Studios sometimes become available at the Atelier. If you wish to rent one of our studios, please contact us to find out what is currently available.

As of 20th September 2018 the following spaces are available:

3x3m starting at $235.00 per calendar month

3x6m starting at $357.00 per calendar month

6x6m starting at $695.00 per calendar month

The teaching area is available to teachers whose teaching practices are sympathetic to those of the atelier, either for workshops or long term association. for further details, contact us.

The rental indicated above is for a basic studio with two power points. High use electrical items such as ‘fridges or desk-top computers are charged at an additional $25.00 per item per month. Studios have a very high ceiling, and are suitable for most visual arts practices. Exceptions include the use of spray paints and activities which are likely to disturb the working conditions of other tenants.

Artists renting studios have access to a shower, a kitchen area, a community area, toilets accessible to the disabled, and by arrangement, the free use of the studios ‘Corridor Gallery’. Access to the studios is 24/7, however the studios are not suitable for, nor offered for accommodation purposes.