Salisbury studios: Who we are

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Salisbury studios

Salisbury Studios are located in Salisbury, Queensland, about 15 minutes drive south of Brisbane’s CBD. The building itself dates back to the dark days of World War II. Purpose built in 1942 for the production of ammunition, the building later became a foundry, and in 2010 it was re-purposed by a group of artists looking for a home to practice and teach their (then) unfashionable and very traditional skill sets.

When the studios were established, it was with the aim of the artists bringing the skills of the past to a new generation of artists through their teaching practices. The dedicated teaching area at the heart of the studios is home to Atelier Art Classes, a loosely bound group of teachers who believe in and practice the traditions of drawing, painting, and sculpture. This aim has succeeded in delivering great dividends to local and interstate artists over the past decade or so. The atelier also welcomes guest teachers of National and International significance, who present specialised workshops throughout the year.

The Studios themselves are tenanted by a small group of artists whose work reflects many aspects of modern visual arts practice. The artists are dedicated amateurs, professionals, and educators. It is the eclectic nature of the work of the inhabitants that helps make the studio such an welcoming, vibrant, and atmospheric place to be.

If you are looking for a studio and are interested in becoming part of our community of artists, contact us here.

The Corridor Gallery

Not so much of a gallery as a well used corridor leading in from the street. The Corridor Gallery is bookable -generally by the month- at no cost to the artist, and aims to provide an outlet for the work of the studio tenants, students, teachers, and guest exhibitors. With 22 metres of wall space, hanging and lighting systems, the Corridor Gallery is one of the most affordable exhibition spaces in Brisbane!

Corridor Gallery Opening hours:

Tuesday 9.30 - 12.30

Wednesdays 9.30 -12.30

Thursdays 9.30 -4.00

Friday 2.00 - 5.00

Saturday 10.00 - 4.00

If you would like to exhibit your work as a guest of Salisbury Studios Contact us with details of your exhibition proposal, our annual schedule always fills fast.

The studios themselves are currently occupied by

Cami Duran - Graphic Designer and Illustrator -

Pamela Godsall-Smith - Corridor Gallery Exhibition 2017

Anton Piche - Fine Artist -

Amber Simpson - Artist/Interior designer -

Penny Sanderson -

Natacha Arena - Artist and art educator -

Tay OKeefe

Kaylene McGill - Corridor Gallery Exhibition 2016

Nick Leavey - Artist and art educator

Teachers: Atelier Art Classes

Nick Leavey -

Dr.Kay Kane -

Mark Feiler -

Wayne Van Eyk - Life Drawing Blog 2015

David Fenoglio -

Cameron Morgan - operates on the premises of Salisbury Studios, and brings classical plaster casts to the contemporary artist. Featuring casts from the antique to the modern, these beautifully produced casts are made to order. Go to to see their range.