It is a matter of fact that the misuse of solvents and some paints can be harmful. 

For the safety and comfort of others, the use of solvents other than odourless solvent is not permitted at the atelier. The only exception to this is the necessary and limited use of other solvents in the preparation of handmade paints, mediums and varnishes. 

It is best practice to keep your solvent jar covered when it is not in use.

Please dispose of used solvent in the receptical provided, or better still, take it home and recycle it. 

Some paints use pigments made from metals such as Barium, Cobalt, Cadmium, Chromium, Lead, and Zinc, and are toxic. The use of paint made with pigments such as these continues because there are no suitable alternatives. It is in your own interest to avoid contact with these paints. Do not directly handle them more than necessary, and avoid practices such as holding your paint brush between your teeth. If your skin comes into contact with the paint, wash it off as soon as is practical to do so. If the handling of such paints concerns you, you might consider the use of disposable gloves.

Should you feel that you have been adversely affected by any of the paints, mediums or other materials commonly used in an art studio environment, you should remove yourself from that environment immediately, and carefully consider the benefits or otherwise of exposing yourself to them in the future.