Intermediate Drawing Course

From the Still Life and Plaster Cast | With Nick Leavey

The intermediate drawing course will extend the skills and knowledge that you have already begun to master through the basic drawing course.

Course description

You will:

  • begin to investigate different ways to render the illusion of the surface of an object through the use of line and tone, using line to define the volume of an object in space.
  • refine the way in which you use tone to indicate the way in which light falls on an object.
  • consider the composition of a still-life subject, and learn to deal with more complex forms within the composition before setting up your own compositions.
  • begin to draw elements of the human form from casts, observation, reproductions, and imagination, finally using your knowledge to produce a number of well resolved drawings of still-life compositions using a variety of mediums and drawing surfaces.
  • begin to consider the implications of the use of a colour in your drawings, leading to the production of a folio of observed drawings of more complex still-life compositions using a variety of mediums and drawing surfaces.

Nick also recommends that you maintain a sketchbook both as a record of your observations and a focus for your ideas.

Course materials required:

  • A range of pencils, 2B, B, HB, and H grades
  • A small range of colour pencils.
  • A kneadable putty rubber
  • A pencil sharpener or knife
  • A2 cartridge paper (canson or similar)
  • A suitable sketchbook. I use a bound A4 book of plain cartridge paper

Drawing materials are generally available at the studio. Alternatively, we would recommend a visit to Art Shed Brisbane or any other reputable supplier for your requirements.

The duration of the course is flexible, and varies according to your ability and progress. Some students will be quicker than others to grasp concepts and produce a folio of a high standard.

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