Basic Painting

From the Still Life and Plaster Cast 

With Nick Leavey

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It isn’t a prerequisite to have undertaken the drawing courses, but it will certainly prove very helpful to you. I cannot emphasise enough that sound drawing skills are at the very foundation of good representational painting. An understanding of form and tone will enable you to give depth and clarity to your work, even if you choose to use photographs as your reference.

If you are already painting in oils, you are probably familiar with the ways in which you can deal with the problems of composition. If this is the case, it will still be useful to take a few paces backwards, if only to confirm your own abilities.

This course will lead you through a sequence which begins with the composition of a still-life. You will be led through a process that then involves the drawing of thumb-nail sketches, charcoal drawings to establish to tones within the work, and finally, the painting of grisaille studies (using black, white, and one colour). 

Additionally, you will be introduced to the craft of oil painting methods and techniques. You will learn to prepare the surface to be painted. Learn methods that will help you maintain and preserve your brushes and palette, and be introduced to the terminology used in the pursuit of painting in oils.

I would also recommend that you maintain a sketchbook both as a record of your observations and a focus for your ideas.

Course materials required:

Canvas (You can purchase this from the studios. Currently $10.00 for a 600x400 piece)

Flat Hog Hair brushes, Nos 0, 4, 8, 10, and 12, to start with.

A wooden palette. Don’t purchase one with a white or grey surface. Expensive and unnecessary.

ODOURLESS turps and a jar with a lid. Art Spectrum is a suitable brand

Twin dip pots

Rag and/or paper towels

A painting knife for colour mixing.

Winton Titanium white oil paint              37ml or 200ml tube 

Winsor and Newton Ivory Black              37ml tube

Winsor and Newton Raw Umber             37ml tube

If you have other paint brands already, feel free to use them. Winsor and Newton paints tend to be of a consistent quality and colour.

If you are sensitive to paints and solvents, I would suggest that you also purchase some latex gloves.

All materials are available at ARTSHED or any other reputable supplier.

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