Advanced Drawing Course

From the Still Life and Plaster Cast | With Nick Leavey

The advanced drawing course is essentially a course of preparation for representational painting.

Course Description:

You will:

  • re-affirm the skills you have learned through the previous two courses, and refine those skills in preparation for the subtleties of painting.
  • observe and draw a variety of objects and architectural constructions, elements of the human form, and draperies.
  • produce a folio of drawings that show your ability to represent tonally, objects and the human form both from your imagination and observation.

Nick also recommends that you maintain a sketchbook both as a record of your observations and a focus for your ideas.

This course leads ultimately to you painting your own still-life compositions and/or of the human figure.

Course materials required:

  • A range of pencils, 2B, B, HB, and H grades
  • A small range of colour pencils.
  • Black and white pastel pencils. Faber-Castell Pitt Pastel or similar
  • A kneadable putty rubber
  • A pencil sharpener or knife
  • A2 cartridge paper (canson or similar)
  • A 300mm straight-edge or ruler
  • A suitable sketchbook. Nick uses a bound A4 book of plain cartridge paper

Drawing materials are generally available for a small cost at the studio. Alternatively, we would recommend a visit to Art Shed Brisbane or any other reputable supplier for your requirements.

Course costs:

The duration of the course is flexible, and varies according to your ability and progress. Some students will be quicker than others to grasp concepts and produce a folio of a high standard. For this reason, students may attend on a casual basis at $40 per session, or purchase a 10-lesson card for $370.

A further discount applies to full-time tertiary and school students.

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