FAQ / Policies 


Health and safety at the studios.

It is a matter of fact that the misuse of solvents and some paints can be harmful. For the safety and comfort of others, the use of solvents other than odourless solvent is not permitted at the atelier. The only exception to this is the necessary and limited use of other solvents in the preparation of handmade paints, mediums and varnishes. 

It is best practice to keep your solvent jar covered when it is not in use.

Please dispose of used solvent in the receptical provided, or better still, take it home and recycle it. 

Some paints use pigments made from metals such as Barium, Cobalt, Cadmium, Chromium, Lead, and Zinc, and are toxic. The use of paint made with pigments such as these continues because there are no suitable alternatives. It is in your own interest to avoid contact with these paints. Do not directly handle them more than necessary, and avoid practices such as holding your paint brush between your teeth. If your skin comes into contact with the paint, wash it off as soon as is practical to do so. If the handling of such paints concerns you, you might consider the use of disposable gloves.

Should you feel that you have been adversely affected by any of the paints, mediums or other materials commonly used in an art studio environment, you should remove yourself from that environment immediately, and carefully consider the benefits or otherwise of exposing yourself to them in the future.

"Casual/drop-in classes":

  • In order to offer you the best tuition possible, we ask that students contact us before the start of a class to confirm their place. This can be done via phone, email or simply arranged at the end of the previous lesson. This helps the teacher plan and structure the class

  • Class sizes can fill to capacity, and at that time we must refer people onto other scheduled classes

  • You are welcome to attend the different teachers classes. However, consistency is a virtue- staying with the one teacher can help develop an understanding of your needs, personality and progress, which benefits students work


 Untutored sessions

  • Life Drawing sessions are available for the art community - in a friendly and focused atmosphere

  • Pay per hour


Pre-Paid classes (Terms and Conditions):

  • Redeemable for a 3 single morning, afternoon, or evening class booked with a specific teacher.

  • A record of class attendance is kept at the studio

  • 10 class passes are valid for a period of Four months from the date of purchase. 5 class passes are valid for three months. A student discount of 10% applies to all regular classes.

  • Saturday all day classes (2 sessions) are marked off as such on our record

  • Students should project and plan for the period of time that their pass is valid for

  • There is not 'freeze' option for passes, whereby the expiry can be extended

  • We do not change these conditions for individuals situations. This system is more flexible than other learning institutions and membership programs such as gyms, or when taking French lessons where the student is locked into time constraints

  • When a student purchases a class pass they agree to these conditions:


Gift Vouchers: 

  • Gift vouchers have the same validity as pre-paid classes. Don't let time slip away, encourage the recipient to contact us and arrange their classes as soon as possible.

  • To redeem the voucher, please bring your copy or ID to the studio at the time of your first lesson.

  • Gift Vouchers are not redeemable for cash.



  • Before committing to a block of pre-paid classes, we recommend that people trial a class or two as a casual student. This is to ensure that the Atelier is right for your needs

  • Refunds will be considered under extreme circumstances, generally to do with health issues.

  • Proof of such a circumstance is needed for any consideration

  • A final judgement regarding any refund is at the discretion of the Atelier


Transferring or exchange of classes:

  • Classes passes are not transferable to use on any alternative item or workshop at the Atelier

  • Class passes are not transferable to others. We do not allow allow a swap of vouchers to other individuals


Unused classes:

  • As with any voucher bought elsewhere, such as at a department store, we allow a specific period of time for it to be used. See above for the time allocations.

  • We do not usually extend classes past the designated term of use

  • Before committing to a block of pre-paid classes, we recommend that people trial a class or two as a casual student. This is to ensure that the Atelier is right for your needs.



  • The standard rates apply to all individuals

  • Secondary and full-time tertiary students receive a 10% discount on tutored classes on presentation of a valid identity card

  • Untutored Sessions are not subject to a discount


Disability pension / Retiree rates:

  • We do not have any special rates for pension recipients

  • Our facilities are easy to access

  • We will help as much as possible for students to be comfortable, and to ensure they make the most of their time at the Atelier


Attending half classes:

  • We do not validate half or portions of class attendance

  • If a student wishes to stay for part of a class, their presence will be marked off on the teachers records and charged at a full class rate


Payment by instalments:

  • We ask all payments to be made in full, except for workshops where instalments are indicated as an option


Private tuition:

  • Rates are be guided by NAVA standards, at $75 per hour

  • The normal classes cover many time periods of the week, so there are already many options

  • Please note, our regular classes are great value for money, since our tuition is already one on one


Children / Young students: 

  • The general Atelier program is not structured to teach young people. We focus on adult classes

  • Classes with the Atelier require students to be at least 16 years (Grade 11) who may attend by prior arrangement with tutors who hold a 'Blue Card'



  • Unless otherwise stated, materials are not included in the class fees except where they have been purchased as part of a gift voucher or as part of Nick Leaveys 'Basic Drawing' course