About the atelier

About Atelier Art Classes

The Atelier seeks to maintain an environment where students can develop their fundamental understanding of fine art practices based on the traditional Atelier method. We help students achieve their artistic goals by guidance in the acquisition of sound knowledge of the visual world and the practical skills to convey these phenomena.

In a nutshell, we offer tangible, practical advice with solid theoretical basis, through plenty of demonstrations, examples and guided exercises for you to complete.  All class tuition is tailored to the individual, and derived from the standard four-year Atelier program.

We offer very flexible, individual instruction in a variety of courses, casual classes, and workshops in the traditional fundamentals of form and tonal drawing, life drawing from the nude model, classical plaster cast, still life and landscape.  We also offer classes in painting, primarily in oil paint, but occasionally offer workshops in pastels, water colours, and acrylics. 

You will learn to paint from the plaster cast, the still life, landscape en plein air, and finally the figure by painting the nude life model, over time learning to understand three dimensionality, light, atmosphere and design.

The Atelier Education System

"Atelier" (A-tel-i-er) is the French word for "workshop".  It is a time tested learning structure in which students work alongside a master artist or craftsman within a studio environment.  

Ateliers were very common in Europe especially, up until the 20th century. The historical Atelier model is very different from almost all art university environments currently available. 

Students gain confidence and understanding in their medium by total immersion in structured lessons and projects which actively challenge them to refine skills. Ateliers have historically been structured on a linear form of learning, incrementally building skill on skill.