Wild Fusion: Exhibition by Lindy Perrins and Martine Lloyd

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Meet the artists event at the Corridor Gallery, Saturday 18th November, Saturday 6-9pm.

Whilst Martine and I have had our art recognised in competitions, held in various private collections, been in various group exhibitions together, “Wild Fusion” is our second opportunity to exhibit as Mother and Daughter, sharing our joint passion for colour.

Since our last exhibition in 2016, both Martine and I have taken our art in new directions.

Martine Lloyd: In 2017 my art has moved away from a realistic illustrative drawing style, to exploring abstract and contemporary painting styles, which I am really enjoying. Usually I work with watercolour, gouache, acrylic, pen and ink, with deliberate strokes and purpose in my drawings. Now I’m playing with acrylic paint, alternating brush strokes, simplifying patterns and detail, and interpreting the world through colour. I’m trying to trust my decisions and inner colour palette.

I hope to find peace through this journey of letting go, changing subjects from their original colours without getting caught up in recreating a subject in exact detail.  Life can get too serious and I really want to escape perfectionism.

I’m inspired by colours in random objects, like the colour of the décor in a café (ref Bakelite), or the colours in nature.  Sometimes I’ll have an idea in mind for an artwork, but I’m also enjoying starting a painting with no end result in mind and allowing the painting to come together one brush stroke and colour at a time.

You can follow my art journey on Instagram www.instagram.com/justaddwatercolour

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Lindy Perrins: My art has always been about experimental mixed media with an emphasis on colour and uncontrolled outcomes. I like to work with colour that gives zest and zing with a dab of zap and zip to the eye. Usually I work in inks which I love for their colour and freedom of movement.

In 2017 I have taken a step sideways using acrylics, trying to replicate the freedom of movement by mixing the acrylic paints into a fluid. The fluidity of the paint is always different with each brand of paint and medium used giving variety to each artwork. Working with this style of painting also satisfies my enjoyment of uncontrolled outcomes.

Even though you feel you have added enough paint and decided it is time to “stop and step away”, this isn’t the end result as the paint continues to move for another hour or more. No control the finished painting is a surprise and that too me is sheer joy.

It is great to be back at Salisbury Studio holding an exhibition in The Corridor Gallery, a very familiar place for me with lots of fond memories of the 3 years I had a studio here. Our grateful thanks to Nick for this opportunity.

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