Keith Dewell coming to the Atelier for portrait & figure workshop

Grab the opportunity to learn from Keith Dewell and the portraiture and the figure workshop here on the weekend of Saturday July 6th and Sunday 7th, 2019.

Keith is a winner of the Alice Bale award, and a long serving teacher at the Julian Ashton Art School in Sydney.

To book your place please contact us by email at

The workshop cost is $395 for the two days. A non-refundable deposit of $200.00 or if you prefer, the full amount, is required as soon as possible. Details for the deposit of which will be sent by return email. You may opt to pay the balance on the day using our EFTPOS machine, cash on the day, or by bank transfer prior to the workshop taking place.


Workshop description:

From composition to completion you will study the essential elements of lively portraits. You will look at works by Sargent, Sorolla, and Zorn to see what can be learned from their masterful paintings.

You will cover,

·       Composition - start with the finish!

·       Prioritising and blocking in the main tonal values - less is more! 

·       Essential accuracy of the head and features, getting the right shape in the right place in three steps.

·       Light form and folds - the body beneath the clothes in a simple and powerful way.


On Saturday you will undertake a number of short studies, both in graphite and oil paint. On Sunday you will spend the day working on one figure painting in oil.


You will need:

·       2b pencils, Cartridge paper (a small sketchbook would be ideal), and a kneadable eraser.

·       Four 5x7” (13x18cm) canvasses, or canvas stapled to a board and taped to the same size. These will be used for your small studies on Saturday.

·       A canvas or canvas board up to 20x16” for your Sunday painting. You have five hours with the model, it is not advisable to use a larger size.

·       Oil paint: Your usual palette. Comprising but not limited to titanium white, cadmium yellow, cadmium red, alizarin crimson, burnt sienna, terra verte, French ultramarine, raw umber, ivory black.

·       Your choice of brushes and palette. A supply of rags and kitchen paper.

·       If you gesso the canvases before you arrive, it will save you a lot of wasted time.

·       A sealable container of solvent. Please note that only odourless solvent is allowed in the studio. All other solvents, including Gum and Mineral turpentine, and with the exception of Linseed Oil, are unacceptable for health reasons. If you are sensitive to the paints or solvents used in an art studio, you should consider the use of gloves, or seriously consider the benefits or otherwise to you of using those products.


You may bring your own canvas/board, or alternatively, high quality canvas boards will be available at reasonable prices from the studio, up to and including the days of the workshop.


On the Saturday, arrive anytime after 9.00am. Your easel will be allocated by you picking a number out of the Policemans Helmet, and then setting up your gear at the easel bearing that number. Sunday morning will be far more relaxed, but easel allocation will be made in the same way. Arrive anytime after 9.30am.


A light lunch (Subway sandwich, wrap, or salad) will be provided on both days. Please find the clipboard on the communal table, and write down your preferences from the menu provided. You may bring your own lunch if you prefer. Tea and coffee will be supplied throughout the workshop.

Nick Leavey