Sally Ryan weekend portrait workshop: Sept 1 & 2

In this workshop students will spend 2 days developing a single painting of the portrait from life with Sally Ryan.

Working directly onto the canvas with paint, the portrait will initially be ‘blocked in’ and then carefully modeled over an extended period of time. All aspects of this process will be discussed and demonstrated with plenty of personalised individual instruction given.

The focus of this workshop will be modelling form, colour mixing for painting flesh and paint handling.

Some experience with drawing and painting is desirable but the workshop is suitable for all level.

Saturday and Sunday, 1st & 2nd September 2018. 10am-3.30pm.
$395 for the two days.



Brushes - suggested

Two or three round brushes eg (0 - 6)

Flat brushes eg (0 - 6)

Small round brush for detail

Hog hair brushes (for scrubbing in backgrounds, texture etc)


·      Can be purchased from the school or bought in art stores.  Sally prefers a fine/smooth weave canvas. Gesso board is also acceptable.

- canvas or board can be prepared by toning the surface with a raw umber or grey tone (#4) on the surface before the class. This can be done with acrylic or oil paint. Sally applies a thin coat of paint and wipe it back with a sponge or cloth.


The following colours are essential –

Cad Yellow
Yellow Ochre
Vermillion (or Cad Red light)
Alizarin Crimson
White (Titanium)
Raw Umber
Blue – eg Cobalt or Ultramarine
Earth Red – eg Burnt Sienna, Light Red
Ivory Black

·      Optional –

Viridian, Lemon Yellow/Naples Yellow, Raw Sienna,  ‘Earth’ Reds- Transparent Red Oxide/ Venetian Red/ Indian Red, Burnt Umber

Sally mostly use Michael Harding and Old Holland paints but they are more expensive. Art Spectrum and Windsor & Newton are acceptable (not Winton).

Other materials -

Plumb line (string with weight tied to the end)
Wooden palette (or similar suitable for mixing oil paint- no water colour palettes)
Palette knife
Linseed oil
Small mirror
Small garbage bag (for painting rubbish)
Paper towel
Rags (old T-shirts are good)


Sally is an Australian painter and portrait artist living and operating in Sydney. Her style is best described as contemporary realism with an emphasis on portraiture although her practice includes all genres of painting. Sally has been a finalist in the Archibald, Doug Moran, and Portia Geach prizes amongst many others.

Before portraiture became her primary focus, Sally had worked for a number of years in both the graphic and ceramic arts. These practices laid the foundation for the patterning and detail her art is noted for today. The human subject, though, remained a point of interest throughout her career and after a few years of intensive study at the Julian Ashton Art School (including a Scholarship in 2010), portraiture and figurative art had become her passion.

Sally now works in oils, graphite and charcoal and has been recognised in competitions across Australia and internationally.

She is a member of Portrait Artists Australia and has had works exhibited with this organisation at the Art House Gallery, NSW Parliament House and the Australian Embassy in Washington. In 2016 she had a portrait of the former premier, Ted Baillieu, unveiled in the Parliament of Victoria and also painted Judith Poole, retiring headmistress of Abbotsleigh Girls School.

Sally teaches portraiture and figure painting at the Julian Ashton Art School.

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