Pamela's journey and current exhibition

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We asked Pamela Godsall-Smith to tell us about her creative journey, leading to her exhibition here in our Corridor Gallery.

A passion for colour and light in art has taken me on a journey of study and practice that began at 16 in Singapore when I exchanged work at Gordan Craig’s Gallery for time in his studio and attended the Nanyang Academy of Art with its traditional drawing lessons using casts, bones and objects.

In the 80s I realised that every artist I admired had a foundation in the traditional skills of drawing, human anatomy, tone and colour so I decided to go to wherever in the world there was a school teaching these skills.  It was in my own city Sydney!  So I began 3 years of full time study at the Julian Ashton Art School in The Rocks combined with part-time study for a degree in Fine Art at Sydney Uni and evening work.

A big change of direction came in 1985 when I married Kerrigan and we had two sons.  Most art work for the next 20 years was either sketches of still life and landscape using watercolour pencils(the most portable of media) and of course, sketches of boys playing.

More recently I found Jacqueline Hill who was on her own artistic journey and established a studio and teaching space “Art at Heart” in Pinjarra Hill.  This led to a lot a fun and innovation with acrylics and mixed media in a style I call “Dissolved Forms”.  Each picture starts with just enjoying exploring form and line in charcoal and then colour and contrasts until arriving at a point where a more realistic figure or scene can be found. Sometimes it reveals unconscious thoughts sometimes not.   For a formally trained artist this is a very freeing way to approach any painting.   

The time came when it was no longer possible to physically continue with my other passion – teaching children to swim.  By 2013 Kerrigan died after a long decline,  and both sons were on their own way to their own futures.   So I sought out a “A room of one’s own”.  At Atelier Studios and Art School I found exactly what I wanted.  Space, privacy and a supportive environment of other people seeking to put 3 dimensional subjects onto a flat surface and in Nick Leavey an honest critic, skilled teacher and devoted to the Ashton way.

This is my first solo exhibition and I have included works that represent some of the earlier journey as well as works created in the last 3 years.

My intention is to bring pleasure to all who see my paintings, just as I have found joy in depicting the glorious colours and light I see.

Pamela Godsall-Smith

Gen RobeyPamela Godsall-Smith