Cameron Morgan Sculpture and Anatomy


About Cameron Morgan

Cameron discovered his enthusiasm for the figurative arts whilst living in London where he studied Life Drawing at the Wimbledon School of Art in 2003. He continued his artistic development upon returning to Australia in 2004 at the Gold Coast School of Art. He has studied with numerous art teachers both here and abroad including Tony Champ; Henry Yan; Simon Lee; Adrian Smith and Richard Muek. He has received an 'Honorable Mention' award for portraiture at Watt's Atelier of the Arts (online).

Cameron Morgan sculpture and anatomy


1-day workshop with Cameron Morgan
Sunday 14th May, 10am-4pm.
Cost: $110
 (basic materials included).

The aim of this introductory workshop is to get students familiar with the process of creating sculpture from scratch through the development of observation of the model through site-sized method; and the manual execution of simple sculpting techniques using both hands and tools.

Fore more details or to reserve your place please contact us via or use our contact form.


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