Keith Dewell returns to Atelier for Plein Air workshop

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We're very excited to have Keith Dewell, of the Julian Ashton Art School (Sydney), here to deliver a landscape weekend workshop. It will be held on the weekend of Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th December in Toohey Forest (Saturday) and in Yeronga by the river (Sunday).

In this workshop we will be working 'En plein air'. Painting direct from nature provides us with the BEST reference for our subject. However the amount of information and the changing light makes for a very complex task.

In this workshop you will learn to select and compose the subject. You will also learn how to prioritise the various parts in the process and the various elements of the design in order to simplify each stage, making each step a more achievable goal.

Having laid an accurate foundation for your painting this will make the finishing stages more satisfying. The goal is for you to have a clear process to follow when painting, also a knowledge of how to simplify the shapes and put them down as accurately as possible in shape and colour.

Cost: $325 for both days or $185 for a single day.

Meet at the studio for an 8.30am departure on both days. The workshop will run from 8.30-11am, with an hour or so for lunch, and then on until approximately 2.30pm. Sorry it is such an early start, but the sun can be rather fierce as the day goes on at this time of year!

Both days will be catered. Saturday will be a footlong subway sandwich of your choice, and on Sunday we have a different and home-made catering arrangement. 

Contact us on or 3161 7897 to reserve your place.