Workshop: Sculpting facial features with Cameron Morgan


Trained at the Florence Academy of Art, Cameron Morgan has long been inspired by the figurative arts. His early enthusiasm began with the dynamic drama of comic book art, leading to its origins in the Renaissance and Baroque and later, discovering the enthral of life drawing and sculpture.

With a long list of artistic heroes to drive his pursuit of artistic technique, he has undertaken tuition from numerous teachers both here and abroad, including Tony Champ; Henry Yan; Simon Lee; Adrian Smith and Richard Muek (brother of Ron Mueck).

Introduction to Sculpting Facial Features
2 days, 10am-5pm: Sunday 17th June & Sunday 24th June.
Atelier Art Classes, 2b/9 Chrome St, Salisbury
$220 (basic materials included)


This 2-day workshop is aimed at both beginner and intermediate artists wishing to build their skill in observation through the study of forms and planes that make up the four prominent facial features - the nose, ear, mouth and eyes.

On each of the days, students will be guided through a range of traditional methods in sculpting the features in clay.

While generic volumes and planes that make up each unique facial feature will be explained, each student will also have a access to a plaster cast of one of Michelangelo's most famous sculptures, the Statue of David,  as their reference.

Although there are four facial features available to study from, each artist is encouraged to work at their own pace. After all it is the development of the skill in transferring observation from life to a sculpture that is the real objective of this course.

A list of course materials will be emailed to each student upon enrolment.

For further information, or to register your interest, please contact Cameron at

Gen Robey