Drawing on Saturdays | An Exhibition by Kaylene McGill

Kaylene McGill graduated from Queensland College of Art in 1983 and afterwards travelled around Australia and Asia for most of the 80s.

Kaylene came back to Brisbane in 1989, taking up a studio at Metro Arts and later, the old Target building in the Valley Mall. She took part in group and solo shows from then until to 1997. During that time she worked in the Printmaking Department, Queensland College of Art and studied for her Graduate Diploma and MAVA.

During the 2000s Kaylene studied landscape architecture, and obtained work at Brisbane City Council.

She is currently the Senior Urban Designer (Urban Design, City Planning & Sustainability Division) for the Brisbane City Council.

When Nick Leavey asked Kaylene why her art is so important to her, she told him:

Life drawing has been my saviour, because I came back to doing what is fundamental and essential for me. Saturday is all I can afford in terms of time, but I see it as a placeholder for the future – when I finally get back to working part-time, have a studio, and can properly develop, conceive, imagine and launch shows. 

Her exhibition at Atelier Art Classes - 'Drawing on Saturdays' - shows that her current artistic output is far more than the place holder she modestly attests to, and when she regains her studio, the love and persistence she shows in her work will ensure that her art will be something extraordinary.

The solo exhibition runs from 10th September until 8th October 2016.
Meet the artist Saturday 10th September, 6.30pm.
The Corridor Gallery, 9 Chrome Street, Salisbury.

Nick Leavey