Anatomy & the Figure Workshop with Keith Dewell


We're excited to have Keith Dewell back at our Salisbury studio for his Anatomy workshop! His workshop will be of great use to those who draw and paint the figure.

The cost is $350 for both days, including all model fees.

This workshop will see you working on a series of exercises which are designed to enable you to understand the underlying structure of the figure (bone and muscular) and then use this information to help you produce a highly finished and accurate drawing of the figure.

As with portraiture, Keith believes that having a systematic approach, using a plan and priorities to be addressed at each stage of the development of the artwork will make a successful piece of work more achievable.

This workshop builds upon the workshop in January and July, and will add to the knowledge and practice of those who attended those workshops, whilst also allowing for new students.

The workshop will be presented as follows:

Saturday 10th December
Arrive from 9.30am for a 10am start
· Introduction/Housekeeping
· Gestural drawing/warm-up exercises
· Demo by Keith
· A series of exercises

Sunday 11th December
Sunday will provide the opportunity to work through the whole process addressed on day one, Drawing a highly finished figure.

· Tracing paper an A2 Cartridge paper will be supplied. If you wish to bring your own paper - Bristol, for example - you may.
· A range of pencils, and a kneadable eraser.

Keith teaches at the Julian Ashton Art School in Sydney, and at the McGregor summer school in Toowoomba. He is a winner of the prestigious AME Bale award.

This workshop will be of tremendous use to anybody who has ever wished to understand the human figure better. It will be suitable for beginners and more experienced painters alike. I would also add that having had Keith as one of my teachers, and having taken many workshops with him myself, I have a lot of respect for his ability as an artist and as a teacher.

- Nick Leavey (teacher, Atelier Art Classes)

To book your spot or if you have any questions, email

Nick Leavey