Heads & Tales - on show in the Corridor Gallery

Next time you're visiting our Salisbury Studios, explore Nick Leavey's collection in the Corridor Gallery.

I love portraiture. Mostly oils, these are some of the pieces I have painted during the last few years at the Atelier.

  1. 25  Nima. Charcoal

  2. 26  Leela. Oil

  3. 27  Carmen. Oil

  4. 28  Enza.  Oil

  5. 29  Zoe.  Oil

  6. 30  Herb.  Oil

The pieces you see in the corridor are part of my collection of artworks, which I have been acumulating for the past twenty years or so.

The collection is eclectic, -no ‘curatorial premise’- with each piece having a story to it. Some pieces are simply works that appealed to me at the time.

Some, like the works by Alan Brown, serve to remind me of a friend who was achieving so much and died far too young.

Others I bought from local Redcliffe Artists (Cheryl Nugent, Jamie Condon, Barry Kidd, Nan Dingle, Ken Casperson, Lola McFarlane) when I lived there.

More recent additions, like the pieces by Scott Breton and Penny Gilbert-Ng, are pieces which I admire for their technical prowess, and -as is the case with all of the other pieces- for their inherent beauty.

Moving house, changing taste, sweepng changes to lifestyle, for some of this work, it is the first time I have seen it in nearly ten years. I hope you enjoy the collection as much as I do.

  1. 1  Cockatoos at Cania Gorge - Cheryl Nugent. Acrylic.

  2. 2  File Snake Hunt - Jamie Condon. Acrylic.

  3. 3  Wetland I - Alan Brown. Oil

  4. 4  Moreton Island - Cheryl Nugent. Acrylic.

  5. 5  Wetland II - Alan Brown. Oil.

  6. 6  Dry waterfall, Wollombi, NSW - Nan Dingle. Acrlic.

  7. 7  Swamp (study) - Brian Deagon. Oil.

  8. 8  Red Dune - Nan Dingle. Acrylic.

  9. 9  Untitled - Barry Kid. Oil.

  10. 10  Hervey Bay House - Barry Kidd. Oil.

  11. 11  Orange Shiny - Amy Mack.  Oil.

  12. 12  Lady in Pink Dress - Audrey Gibbs. Oil.

  13. 13  Blue Mountain View - Tim Miller. Oil.

  14. 14  Ted - Alan Brown. Graphite.

  15. 15  Melissa - David Paulson. Graphite.

  16. 16  Lola Mc Farlane - Oaklea. Gouache.

  17. 17  Jacarandas - Penny Gilbert-Ng. Pastel.

  18. 18  Dusk 17 07 2013 - Tim Miller. Pastel.

  19. 19  Untitled - Brian Deagon. Acrylic.

  20. 20  Rebkah - Scott Breton. Graphite.

  21. 21  Red Coat - Mark Feiler. Acrhival Print

  22. 22  Red Bag - Mark Feiler. Archival Print.

  23. 23  Colour Study - Brian Deagon. Oil.

  24. 24  Border Range National Park - Ken Casperson. Watercolour.

Nick Leavey