The Black Paintings of Brian Deagon

THE BLACK PAINTINGS. An exhibition of work from Brian Deagon @ The Old Bomb Factory. August 1st - 31st.
Black is the dark energy from which the universe is spawned.
It is the source of light and colour.
It reveals as much as it conceals.
Like an empty stage, black is portent, potent and pregnant, but paused in anticipation.
Black is not silent.
Warm and inviting or threatening to freeze like its close relative, Chaos,
Black can devour substance like a fog, swallowing shape and masking the weight of dreams.Yet it  sharpens the battle axe edge with intent,given form to follow.
Given subtlety, black takes on the character of its mixtures
It mutates into grey.
The ancient ones knew  all colours came from black and white.  Our age was spawned by  Newtons prisms.For over 150 years we have been afraid of black.
“Never use black” intoned as incantation by generations.You have heard it yourself. Maybe said it yourself.This ought to be described as a clinically diagnosable medical condition and mandatorily notifiable contagious aesthetic  position.
Certainly the so called impressionist painters had no qualms about using black. They didn’t let  theory spoil a good picture .And there are many.  Gray pictures ,using blacks and completed in the studio.
I have learned from the atelier to mix even my lights with black
I sing in praise of black.
A blank wall and a burnt stick.
Brian E Deagon 2015


Nick Leavey