NEW to the Atelier. Digital illustration.

From Tuesday April 28th from 7.00-9.00pm, the Atelier is moving into new territory. It has long been apparent that the best representational digital work relies upon the same structured study as the more traditional art that is usually the focus of our work here. Atelier has been working with two local concept artists to bring you just such a structured course.
The two instructors, Brad Nielson and Alex Allen, trained with Dr Kay Kane (amongst others) at QCA, and for the past few years have worked in illustration for games, book covers, film and animation. Both are currently working on the upcoming ‘The Deep’ animated series. Other clients are THQ, Robot VFX, Liquid Animation, Gallery of Modern art, Fullpoint Films and many more!

The ten week course focuses on painting an image digitally from the fundamentals to creating a stand out illustration for you portfolio. In attending these classes you will learn:
  • Photoshop for painting 
  • Controlling your values 
  • Colour theory
  • Bringing a grayscale painting into colour
  • Creating thumbnails and compositions
  • Life drawing for digital painting
  • Colour mixing and rendering a painting
  • In class painting demonstrations and activities
  •  Industry professional guest talks
  • Portfolio reviews and paint-overs
Students must bring their own digital painting equipment to class, ie. Laptop and Wacom or Tablet Device. Sufficient power outlets will be provided.

This course is ideal for students wishing to find out more about the professional experience of Digital Illustration before they graduate, for professionals new to the industry who wish to refine their skills, as well as for those who are simply seeking a new outlet for their traditional skills.

Places on the course are limited to ten students, and you can assure your place by booking and paying a 20% deposit for the full course in advance ($400.00 full  course) $80.00 deposit, or $350.00 Full-time student rate) $70.00 deposit for full-time students. 

To book your place on the Digital Illustration course, click HERE to go to our contact page.
Nick Leavey