Learn Watercolour in April with Penelope Gilbert Ng

Penelope joins us for three weeks in April before heading to New Zealand for two months where she is running an extensive set of workshops on the North and South islands.

During the three Thursdays she is with us, you will learn techniques of colour mixing, understanding the application of pigment onto wet and dry paper, learn when to allow paper to be dry, damp, moist. or wet, and learn how much pigment to apply for different washes.

Many people working in watercolour fail to understand the need for transparent and fluid washes with plenty of water - their washes appear too dry. This three week course will help you gain confidence with watercolour and its endless possibilities. Frequent demonstrations throughout the course will help you learn important brush holding techniques and how to plan the processes and timing of washes.

Whilst some experience in drawing and painting in any medium is desirable, it is not essential. If watercolour is a new medium to you, kits of paper, pigment, and brushes will be available at a reasonable cost at the time of the course.

What you will need:

Watercolour brushes: A Round, size 12 with a good point. Either natural hair, or synthetic/natural blend. A Rigger, Size 0 or 1. and a 1" Flat, or larger.


Either Saunders, Arches, or Art Spectrum. 300gsm. Rough.


Your usual set of watercolour paints. Artists quality paints are always preferable. If you are running to a budget, then student quality (Cotmans or similar).

At a minimum, you will neeed Cadmium Yellow, Aureolin, Cadmium Rd, Permanent Magenta, Cadmium Orange, French Ultramarine, Cobalt Blue, and Cerulean Blue. 

You will also need:

Watercolour palette, white in colour, with big areas for mixing, backing board/MDF, Gator board, or Perspex. (approx 1/2 sheet size). Pencils (2B or 4B), kneadable eraser or plastic eraser, old towel, box of tissues, water sprayer, 1 large water container, roll of 18mm masking tape, note book, pen for note taking, and a small sketchbook.

Bookings are essential and can be made directly with Penelope through her website. 

Penelopes work can be viewed at www.penelopegilbertng.com.au

Nick Leavey