Portrait workshop: Keith Dewell, Jan 9 & 10

Portrait drawing (or painting) is both a demanding and rewarding pursuit. In the few art schools in Australia still capable of teaching the traditions of classical portraiture, most regard learning to draw the portrait as something to be reserved for advanced students.

However, Keith Dewell believes that having a systematic approach, using a plan and priorities to be addressed at each stage of the portrait development, will make a successful piece of work more achievable.

The Portrait Workshop with Keith Dewell is now full.

Please get in touch if you would like to join a 'Wait List' for his next workshop.

January 9 & 10 (Sat & Sun) 2016

Cost: $350 for both days, including all model fees.
Location: Atelier Art Classes, 2B/9 Chrome St, Salisbury.

The weekend workshop will be divided into two distinct parts.

On day one you will be drawing and deal with:

  •  issues of correct proportion, direction and form. 
  • concepts of mass and lighting.
  • a method of getting an exact likeness.

Day two will provide the opportunity to work through the whole process addressed on day one, whilst painting a portrait from a model.

Suggested materials:

  • A3 or A2 cartridge paper
  • Charcoal and 2b pencils, and a kneadable eraser
  •  2 x Canvasboards or similar (30x40cm)
  • Odourless solvent. With the exception of linseed oil, no other solvents are to be used in the studio. and a suitable container. A jam jar will be fine.
  • Rag and waste paper
  • A range of brushes in various sizes
  • Liquin or similar medium (not essential).
  • Palette
  • Oil paints basic palette: Titanium white, Cadmium yellow pale, Cadmium Red, French Ultramarine, Burnt Sienna, Raw umber, Ivory Black, other colours if you have them. Bring the best quality paints you can afford, and avoid using hues, they are cheap and nasty!

These are not prescriptive, and you may choose to continue with drawing on the second day.

Keith teaches at the Julian Ashton Art School in Sydney, and at the McGregor summer school in Toowoomba. He is a winner of the prestigious AME Bale award.

He is taking time out from his busy schedule to present this workshop, which I know will be of tremendous use to anybody who has ever wished to paint a portrait from life. It will be suitable for beginners and more experienced painters alike.

I would also add that having had Keith as one of my teachers, and having taken many workshops with him myself, I have a lot of respect for his ability as an artist and as a teacher.

Contact us to express your interest in Keith's next worksop: 07 3161 7897 / info@atelierartclasses.com

Nick Leavey.