Salisbury Studios Lecture Series: Ideas about art worth discussing...

Over the past year,  Atelier Art Classes and Salisbury Studios Queensland Incorporated have been running a series of free lectures about topics that have some relationship to art.  Ranging from colour symbolism through the ages to stimulatingly weird physics,  from the linguistics of contemporary art writing, to a discussion of ideas from Ruskin and Schopenhauer and how they might apply to art now, there is a diversity of specialisations and points of view that might just trigger that next creative hop.    

This is an opportunity to listen to the ideas, research and interest of members of the studio community and also presenters from outside this group who we have made contact with.  There are always hearty discussions afterwards, and an interesting mix of artists, writers and other undesirables who turn up.

These lectures are held on Saturdays at the end of each 5 week block of Saturday Long Poses, when we also hold the studio barbeque, so check back to the blog or subscribe to keep updated.  

You can check out video recordings and/or transcripts at our Lectures page.  

Nick Leavey