The difference a year makes...

In an unexpected follow-up to last Sundays plein air workshop, Fiona –one of our first students- brought a painting to the studio this morning of Lota creek (top) which she did a year ago, when I first took a group of students painting ‘en plein air’.


It is remarkable to see the improvement in her painting over that time. Fiona had painted some very pleasing pieces before coming to us, but as you can see in the second painting, a years guidance has seen the handling of the paint improve markedly, and her observation of the subtleties of tone, colour and form has made a very real difference to the overall quality of her work. I was impressed, I hope you are too.


Nick L


These appear to be painted by two different people.  One timid, unsure, unsteady with the brush; the other confident, assured, making bold, sweeping brushstrokes.  They are of course by the same person – me – but the difference in style reflects the progress I have made under the tutelage of Nick and his colleagues.  I love my new style and it just keeps getting better!


Fiona Short   

Nick Leavey