First Sunday Plein Air workshop

Our first first Sunday, and a resounding success. Maria, Fiona, Deevya, Brian and myself arrived at Lota Creek -just to the south of Manly- at about 8am. The temperature was rising already, and despite the patchy cloud cover, it was a remarkably hot morning. Lots of sunscreen and cold water.

My first job was to set out my palette, and then lead the others through the same exercise. Having done that, I gave a series of demonstrations leading to a completed painting. This step by step approach allowed the others to work at a similar rate to me. We covered a lot of technical information, and all of my students were able to demonstrate this in their own work. So, from the top. Mine, Fiona, Deevya, Maria, and by no means least, Brian. I've put a couple more images into the 'Painting' section of the student gallery, so you will get a good sense of the environment we were working in from them too.

The next 'First Sunday' will be on the 4th of March, when we will tackle the industrial environment around Salisbury, so brush up on your knowledge of perspective, and I'll see you then!

Nick L

Nick Leavey