A 'First Sunday' reminder...



I thought you might be interested in the images below. A year or so ago I was taking students out landscape painting on a Thursday, and I mentioned that it was my practice to use the (usually) 9 x 5 paintings as the basis for a larger studio painting. Well, here’s the latest. It‘s bound for Artspace in Mackay for a group exhibition in which I’m taking part during July. I’ll let you know more about that closer to the date.


I think it’s quite interesting to see the development of a quick colour sketch into a more considered painting (the final piece is 910 x 505mm, oil on board). The obvious differences are the greater sense of distance in the larger piece, and a need to present the illusion of a more detailed foreground. The other thing to note is the use of a yellow ochre/viridian combination to achieve the shadows in the Gum Tree canopy. Not something I‘ve used before, but very effective.


Finally, a reminder about my next ‘First Sunday’ workshop (Sunday 4th March). We’ll meet at the studio this time, and will be working on the industrial landscape close by. It might not sound too thrilling, but it can produce some very interesting compositions. Have a look at the Plein air section of my Gallery to see some of my previous work using the same subject.


So, until the next time,


Nick L


Nick Leavey