Friday life drawing. New from 17 02 2012.


A couple of things for you this week, Friday last saw the first of our new lifedrawing sessions. At the moment, it operates as a sketch club with no tuition, but if enough interest is shown we will reconsider that, and offer tuition as a regular feature. Let us know if you are interested, we need at least four regular students to make things work.

In the meantime, have a look at the photographs above. I’m responsible for the little clay maquette. A bit long in the torso, but not bad for a first attempt. I will be setting up four sculpture stations for next Friday, and you are welcome to come and join in, just provide your own materials.


The drawings come from Stephen, Wayne, and Ryan. As you can see, the two hour pose lends itself to a more considered piece of work than the usual gestural drawing session, in two dimensions and three.


The other thing is a painting by John W. He has been coming along to my Thursday evening classes for a year or so now, and painted the still life at home during a brief break from classes. I’ve put it into the Student Gallery, which you can get to by following this link. So, goodbye for now,


Nick L

Nick Leavey