Alex's nose...

I thought that this photograph would be worthwhile bringing to your attention. Alex has been attending classes at the Atelier now for the past year or so, in fact, he is responsible for the fine tonal drawing of the dog, which you will find in the student gallery.


His interests are wide, and when he asked about doing some sculpture, I set him alongside the adults, where he worked on a copy of the nose from Michelangelo’s ‘David’ with every bit of the care and attention I could expect of any of my students.


When the plasticine copy of the original was completed, we then turned our attention to making a one-off waste mould. A mould made in this manner is destroyed in the process of casting, but has the virtue of being cheap!


So, at the beginning of the last session, I left Alex with a hammer and chisel carefully chipping away at the soft outer mould, with a warning as to what could go wrong if he was a little bit careless.


As you can see, nothing went awry, and he is now the proud owner and maker of a unique piece of artwork. I wonder what he will be capable of in a few years time?


Nick L

Nick Leavey