David Briggs colour theory workshop April 16th & 17th


David Briggs is the author of 'The dimensions of colour'. A fascinating and informative resource for anybody who has an interest in the perception of colour. David will be delivering a two day workshop over the weekend of 16th and 17th of April at Salisbury Studios, the home of Atelier Art Classes.

David lectures in anatomy, life drawing and painting, and colour theory at the Julian Ashton Art School, The National College of Art, and Billy Blue in Sydney. He is a pioneer of Digital painting, bringing a sound knowledge and understanding of traditional painting techniques to the new medium. 

The cost of the course is $195 for both days. This includes a light lunch.



This course offers an intensive, in-depth approach to colour theory and its practical application in digital and traditional painting, drawing on modern scientific knowledge of colour. It promotes observation, analysis and understanding, rather than a collection of "rules" and "tricks". Learn how colour works, and discover how to solve colour problems by thinking in terms of three-dimensionalcolour spaces of various kinds. This course is for anyone using digital or traditional media who has felt the need for a sound factual understanding of colour, and a clear conceptual framework for working with it.

 Course outcomes
By the end of the course you will have learnt:
· to visualise colour relationships in terms of various three-dimensional spaces or models,
· to solve problems of observing and mixing/choosing colours by thinking in terms of these spaces,
· to apply the full range of options available in the digital and the traditional painting environment for choosing and manipulating colour.

For more information and to make payments, please contact us at the studio on 07 3161 7897

To view Davids website, please visit www.huevaluechroma.com

Nick Leavey