New prices and a different way of doing things:

We’ve made some changes to the pricing structure for the New Year, and have made things a bit easier for students who want to attend on a more regular basis. To that end, we are offering a casual rate of $18 per session for those who simply want to come and draw from the cast or work from a still life without tuition. The real bonus for next year is the introduction of an unlimited full-time student pass, which lasts for twelve weeks, and allows you to attend any tutored session during the week and at weekends. If you take full advantage of the new pass you will be paying the equivalent of only $14 per lesson!

We’ve also had to bow to the inevitable and raise our prices for next year, the details of which you will find below. What we have decided to do to cushion the blow a bit is to validate any class pass which is purchased at the current price between now and 09 01 2012, from the start of next term.

The new prices below will apply from 09 01 2012.


Don’t forget, with the exception of the Unlimited Full-Time Student pass, our cards are valid for a year from the date of purchase.

Prices for next year will be as follows:


Sketch club Casual                 $6 per Hour

Casual 3 hour lessons           $38

Daily (2 session) Casual        $70

Saturday Half day (Tutored)  $38

Saturday Full day (Tutored)   $60


10 class pass            $350   ($35 per class)                      Student rate   $280

20 class pass            $640   ($32 per class)                      Student rate   $512

40 class pass            $1160  ($29 per class)                     Student rate   $930

60 class pass            $1560 ($26 per class)                      Student rate   $1250

Unlimited Full-Time Student 12 week pass                                               $1880

Nick Leavey