First Sunday Landscape workshops


Join Nick Leavey on the first Sunday of each month for a practical landscape workshop, investigating a variety of aspects of the Brisbane cityscape and countryside.  Nick works using a tonal approach to his work, and will guide you through this technique using demonstration and examples. The subjects you will paint will encompass a wide variety of urban, sea and riverscape, and industrial landscapes.


The workshops will run between 8am and 1pm, where we will meet at a predetermined site. Information regarding the whereabouts of the workshop will be forwarded by email in the week before the workshop takes place.

The workshop itself will consist of Nick doing a demonstration painting, and then a tutored session where your needs and questions will be attended to.


These workshops will be most suitable for those who have painted before, and wish to extend their range of skills to landscape work.


Suggested materials:

My basic landscaping palette consists of;

Titanium White

Cadmium Yellow

Cadmium Red

Cerulean Blue

French Ultramarine

Burnt Sienna

Raw Umber

Ivory Black

Additionally, you might care to bring along:

Pthalo/Windsor Green

Alizarin crimson


I use either Winsor and Newton, or Michael Harding colours, and prefer to use Neef synthetic brushes, with a few hog hair brushes for blocking in.

I suggest you bring a wooden palette, a portable easel, and of course any solvents or other cleaning products you require. You will be responsible for the disposal of used rags etc. at the end of the session.

I work in Oils, and whilst you are welcome to bring along any medium you care to, the emphasis of my teaching will be firmly upon Tonal Oil painting.

Don’t forget, the Australian environment can be harsh. Ensure that you bring along suitable sun protection ( Ie. sun block, a hat, long sleeved shirt etc), and plenty of water.


The cost of each workshop is $65 per session.


To book a place on the workshops, either call Nick on 0403 908237, the studio on

07 3136 7897, or email us at


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Nick Leavey