Introducing Sculpture at Atelier Art Classes

Beginning Sculpting using the Lanteri method:

Sculpture is available during any of the in-studio sessions, which means:

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings, afternoons, and evenings. Saturday by arrangement

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The beginners sculpting course will lead you through a traditional skills based set of exercises based upon the course developed by Edouard Lanteri at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

By working through the basic sculpting course, you will begin to learn the concepts and skills fundamental to an artists ability to reproduce what they see in three dimensions. Throughout the beginners course your work will focus on representing organic form and mass. You will learn the basic observational and measuring techniques that will help you model what you see, finally using your knowledge to produce a series of objects based upon the main facial features of Michaelangelos ‘David’.


We would also strongly recommend that you purchase the hardcopy book from from a seller such as, (costs about $18 Aus., $0 shipping) whom we have found to be extremely competitive in price and service,

 or you can download a copy of it through the link below (The book is out of copyright)

 ‘Modelling and sculpting the human figure’ by Edouard Lanteri.(PDF file)  - PDF attachment

ISBN 0-486-25006-7

Published by Dover publications inc.


It is also available for download through which has many other out of copyright art books. Also it is still in print if you like hard copies.


Course materials required:


Basic starter kit:

1x Baseboard

2x 2.2kg kleanklay (firm) packs

1x tool starter kit


The cost of the kit is $75, which should provide you with sufficient material to complete the four exercises indicated above (the material is reused each time a new exercise is undertaken). We use KleanKlay in preference to clay for the simple reason that it is easier to store, and doesn’t dry out if left for too long.


Some materials are generally available for a small cost at the studio. Alternatively we would recommend a visit to ARTSHED in West End, or Barnes in Woolloongabba for your requirements.


Course costs:

The duration of the course is flexible, and varies according to your ability and progress. Some students will be quicker than others to grasp concepts and produce a folio of a high standard. For this reason, students may attend on a casual basis at $35 per session, or purchase a ten lesson card for $320. Further discounts apply to full-time tertiary and school students.

Nick Leavey