Our First 'Basic Drawing Intensive' workshop


Well, Scott and I have just completed the first of our ‘Basic Drawing’ workshops, and I’m happy to say that we have had three very successful days. The ages of the participants  ranged from ten years old upwards, and whilst some of them had some experience, the one common factor was that they had all come prepared to listen, watch, and learn.


The first day was run by me, Nick, during which I covered the topics of shape and form. I also introduced the students to analytical observed drawing and a variety of ways of measuring proportion. The afternoon saw me teaching one and two point perspective, which then led into Scotts class the following day.

Scotts class began with an extension to the work we had been doing the day before, the students demonstrating their new found understanding through more complex perspective drawings. The afternoon was taken up by demonstrations from Scott, and more exercises through which the students showed their knowledge of volume, tone, and form, by drawing a group of objects from a still life, and then their imaginations.

The last day saw something of a change, with the morning seeing the students working from the cast in preparation for a life drawing session. After a discussion with their mum, our two younger students opted to work with me, and we spent the rest of the day refining their skills and understanding by working at portraiture from the cast. The other students spent the afternoon with Scott, putting into practice their new found skills and understanding by drawing from the life model.

Three very valuable days. Will we do the same workshop again? Certainly. Will we provide extension workshops? Again, certainly. We are also planning to run intensive workshops on perspective for the artist in the near future. Keep your eyes on the workshops page for details.

Click here for details of the workshop.

Nick Leavey