Two different ones



A couple of new 9x5s today, from two very different parts of Brisbane.


The first is a view from the bandstand at Newstead House at the junction of Breakfast Creek and the northern bank of the Brisbane River. A beautiful spot, and probably the source of many paintings to come. I was painting there with a friend of mine –Barry Kidd- and spent about an hour and a half on this one, not forgetting the coffee break. The light had changed a lot by the time I put my brushes down, so I will probably paint the same view again in the afternoon, just to see what the differences in colour and tone are.


The next is the same park as I painted yesterday, but over the course of an hour or so in the afternoon, and looking towards the south west. This one, as Lloyd Rees put it, ‘isn’t quite geographic’. There was a tree right in the middle of the view that I chose to paint, which I have quietly disposed of. There were also quite a few more cars parked along the roadside, and they’ve gone too.


As you can see, the studio is in the heart of the industrial south of Brisbane, but there is a lot of material for me around here, and as I get the opportunity, so I will paint more of the area. I’m teaching tomorrow and Thursday, so more from me over the weekend.




Nick Leavey