The old RSL



If you have browsed through the website before arriving here, you will have seen that I take small groups out to work on plein-air paintings on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Well, on other days I’m just as likely to be out painting on my own.


The painting below is a 9x5 of a building just around the corner from our studio in Salisbury. It’s the old RSL building, painted from the memorial garden which is all that remains of the Returned Servicemans League that used to be active here. In fact, the whole area was devoted to military purposes during the Second World War, and for many years afterwards. Our studio is set in what used to be a munitions factory (hence ‘The Old Bomb Factory’) but that’s a different story.


I’m not going to claim that it is a great painting, but it did pose some interesting problems. The roofs of the buildings behind the blue one had to recede convincingly, and the unevenness of the foreground caused me a headache too. Still, It’s not a bad sketch, and I think it gives a good impression of mid-afternoon on a Queensland winters day.


Nick L


Nick Leavey