Fundamental drawing skills with Nick Leavey

Nick Leavey believes that the ability to create a refined representational drawing is the single skill that underpins all elements of painting in a representational manner, whether it is of an imaginary or observed subject.

The drawing course, outlined below, is aimed at enabling you to achieve just that.

Course description

By working through the basic drawing course, you will begin to learn the concepts and skills fundamental to an artist's ability to reproduce in two dimensions what they see, in a representational manner.

Using graphite and charcoal as your medium, your work will focus on representing basic three dimensional forms. You will learn the difference between drawing the form and drawing tonally.

You will be guided through the understanding and use of 1pt and 2pt perspective. You will learn fundamental observational measuring techniques that will help you draw what you see. 

Then, you will then learn and practice the principles that are the foundation of tonal drawing.

Course materials required:

  • A 2B pencil
  • A range of Vine or Willow charcoal sticks
  • A kneadable putty rubber
  • A2 cartridge paper (Canson or similar)

All drawing materials are available as a package for $10 at the studio, or free if you book a 5-class voucher. As an alternative, I would recommend a visit toArt Shed Brisbane West End,or any other reputable supplier for your requirements.

Course costs:

The duration of this Basic Drawing Course is 5 x 3 hour sessions. You may attend classes casually at $45 per session, or purchase a five lesson voucher for $200 which includes all materials.

A further 10% discount applies to full-time tertiary and school students.

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